In the coming months, I will try to feature each cast member of CHRISTMAS RIDE.

One pair in our cast is very unique in that they only married since the auditions were held. Yes, formerly known as Linda Willis, an actress in many films around Memphis, and David E. Peckenpaugh, have tied the knot. Congratulations!

David Peckenpaugh with wife Linda.  David plays the role of Sheriff in CHRISTMAS RIDE

David Peckenpaugh with wife Linda. David plays the role of Sheriff in CHRISTMAS RIDE

In answer to my questions, here’s what David Peckenpaugh shared with us:

“My acting background consists of being in school plays, community Hee Haw shows and solo comedy acts in the community. I grew up in Finley, TN on a farm. . . .

I got involved in CHRISTMAS RIDE when my wife-to-be, Linda, wanted to go and just be an extra. I went with her to watch and was asked to read a part. The Sheriff‘s lines were so close to my heart I got emotional reading it and fell in love with the story.

My biggest challenge was remembering the lines at my age and the story bringing back memories of losing my son.

My goals for the future are to continue to promote Southern Gospel Music, booking groups and being master of ceremonies for concerts. I love trying new adventures in my life since retiring and starting a new life with my new wife.

My biggest inspiration is God who inspires me to reach out and try new things because I know He is always with me.

I have learned a lot about being in a film that it is really hard work and a lot of time goes into it. I didn’t realize that each scene has to be filmed from all angles. It has been a great experience being in this Christian film.

My favorite movie is Blue Hawaii. I love the scenery and Elvis’s music.

I just had my birthday in January 2013 and my son asked me what I wanted. I told him at this age I don’t need anything but to be with my family and friends, and enjoy being together.

Thanks for the opportunity being in this film. I feel the Lord brought me to this to continue helping me with the loss of my son so I can help others in their grief.”

Thank you, David, for putting your heart into this role! –Karen Francis

(This article may be copied and redistributed. No byline needed.)


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