The interview this week is with Cast member JEFF YARBROUGH, who plays the role of Richard and also handled many other responsibilities for the production of CHRISTMAS RIDE. 

  • What locations did you enjoy filming in and what was unique about that place?   I had several favorites…One was the Old Town Square Store….where Kevin Williamson (played by HT Altman) purchases a gift for his daughter.  It was such a gorgeous set. There is a picture on Facebook that shows how beautifully it was decorated for Christmas.  

Another favorite was Karl Collins’ City Service Station.  The favorite part there was the fight for the gun where Bad guy Jesse (played by Paul Byrd) and Kevin are both on the ground and they both see the gun, then look at each other, then scramble for the gun.  The camera was right on the ground and I thought it was an interesting scene.  I also loved the “TANK” and “AIRPLANE” scenes.

  • What technical aspects of the filming were new to you?   One was operating this camera.  Almost all of the footage was filmed on my Nikon D5100 DSLR with a kit lens that I literally pulled out of the box and started shooting.  Another challenge I faced was the myriad of night scenes that demanded a certain level of light…areas that I hadn’t previously explored.  You can always darken, but it’s much harder to brighten an already dark scene!
  • What kind of work do you do when you aren’t filming?  I own 2 transmission shops, one in Covington and one in Dyersburg…Certified Transmissions.  
  • What concerns do you face in your life that makes acting in films a challenge?   Well, I love my wife and family of 7 sweet children, and also am very busy on many fronts…I play music with several local groups, I am playing the lead role of a comedy called PINK SLIPS, a T J Cates Production, also the lead role in Gerry Glenn Jones’s feature called THE HAUNTING OF ESTATE ESTREMITA, a thriller/mystery set to shoot late spring.  I have also been selected to play a record producer in the new John Russell film PATSY, set to film early summer. 

My children and I also have a fledgling production company called Yarbrough Media Productions and, with 2 completed music videos under our belt, we have 3 more, for different artists slated for this spring.  Here are the links to our first 2 music videos:
Featuring Kyle Thurman,…Here is MY Devotion   and Yancy & Yancy…The Devil Is Whipping His Wife…

  • What stands out in your mind about some of the other actors in the film?  Everyone  involved, whether seasoned pros, or newbies, acted very professionally and were good at doing exactly what was asked of them.  It was a pleasure to work with veteran actor HT Altman, from Minneapolis.  He brought a wealth of information on how other productions have done certain things.  The rest were mainly “locals” and I am proud of how everyone pitched in and did a good job.

Jeff Yarbrough captivates in the role of RICHARD in CHRISTMAS RIDE.

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