Marty Ray

From Marty Ray:  “My Mother always said when I cried as a baby it sounded like a song.  I took her word for it. She always said God blessed me with a voice that could stretch beyond boundaries of color, politics. or religion. Most of my other family didn’t like my singing and always urged me to pursue other things, I guess for most of my life I took their word for that as well. My Father always supported me in all my wild endeavors as long as I could convince him that I would work hard at it.  I owe all that I am today to my dad. I’ve had a passion for singing my whole life and have always dreamed of being on that stage blessing an audience with my song. One day this dream will come to fruition.

Music has always been a pivotal part of our family. It seems that the majority of my family was blessed with a musical talent of some kind. There has always been those certain members that everyone respected as the “real” talent and they alone deserved success, I wasn’t one of those. They were the singers, players, worship leaders, and, in some cases, preachers of our churches. I was never welcome on the platform of performance because I didn’t have the gift they had, or I didn’t dress, act, or look the way they thought I should. I guess, in a sense, Im the outcast. I couldn’t say why some of my family never wanted me to succeed at music, or for that matter anything, but I can say that I’ve always supported them and always will, because I love them.

I’m not trying to paint some sad picture of my life in an attempt to gain sympathy, just giving a little insight into my background. I’ve had an abundantly blessed life and the only things I would change are the mistakes I’ve made; that probably goes for all of us. My mom and dad were together until I was 19 years old and my brother and I never went hungry or unclothed, so theres no anxiety there. I had a very large family growing up and excitement and drama were always present. Holidays were always my favorite time of year because we got to see so much of our family from both my Mother and Fathers side; not to mention there were buffets of home cooked food. Our holiday events would always begin and end with song and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I’ve lost a lot of my loved ones over the years and still think about ALL of them everyday. They are a driving force for my inspiration and my ambition. I know I’ll see them again, someday.

This journey of my musical achievement began out of desire and urgency. Reiterating, I have always had a passion for singing and wanted to perform as a career but, by apprehension and confusion I was held back from my pursuit. Because I respected the opinions of the musicians in my family, I doubted my true abilities as a vocalist and was confused about the gift that God gave me. I could hear myself singing beautiful sounds and melodies but their words caused ambiguity to steal my confidence. I wondered if I actually sounded as good as I thought. It wasn’t until my dad started getting sick that my motivation to accomplish the seemingly impossible emanated. Reality set in and I knew if I was going to help him and others it would have to be through the voice God blessed me with.

I began showcasing my vocals with cover songs and videos by means of several networking sites to judge peoples reactions. Compliments and praise for my vocal skills flooded my videos and songs. That’s when I knew those family members were wrong-the whole time-and my push toward divine destiny actualized. Later, I comprised a four song demo album with three covers and an original; I sold out within a month. I immediately started writing songs for my first all-original album to be released in 2012; which is still in progress.

The inception of The Marty Ray Project is here and I welcome anyone to join the project. I know the day will come when that one influential person will hear the MRP, understand our goals, and ultimately launch us into our vision. I appreciate whoever is reading this or listening to my songs please spread the word that The MRP will soon arrive. ” 

More about Marty’s songs at:    He is also on Reverbnation.



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