Meet the Musicians of CHRISTMAS RIDE: ADAM QUINN

Adam Quinn

Adam Quinn

NEWS FLASH: Adam  will be debuting this Thursday night, July 11th, outdoors in a new country band on Beale St, from 7-10 pm. 

Adam, at the age of 3 began playing piano with 1 finger. At 6 he was performing in churches around the  Memphis area and at the Strand Theater in Millington, TN.    Adam, at 15 played keyboard to produce drums and bass on the Quinn’s Live CD as well as the piano on all songs.   His song Eternal on the CD is an original composition.   At 18, Adam recorded a Gospel piano CD at Ardent Recording Studio  in Memphis titled, Gospel Piano.

Today at 28 Adam is the pianist at Big Creek Baptist Church at Millington, TN and as a professional pianist performs several nights a week at Silky Sullivan’s on world famous Beale Street. Adam plays in his own distinctive style but has a definite touch, of his world famous cousin Teddy Riedel, a piano player and songwriter who played with Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lewis and many others as a studio pianist at Sun Studio, Memphis.  Elvis, in 1961 recorded and released the song ” Judy ” written and released by Teddy Riedel in 1960.  Adam has performed in concert with his cousin Teddy and it makes great musical entertainment.

Adam lives in Bartlett, TN with his lovely wife Shelby and their 3 year old daughter.  Adam expresses his gratitude to the Lord Jesus Christ and his humble appreciation to all of the people who give him such delight to hear him play.

Contact for Adam  through this  email, reference Adam:


NEWS FLASH: Adam  will be debuting this Thursday night the 11th, outside, in a new country band on Beale St, from 7-10 pm.    7/7/2013

One thought on “Meet the Musicians of CHRISTMAS RIDE: ADAM QUINN

  1. Im writing to let Adam know what a blessing he and his music on YouTube is for me. On a low night several months back I came across his rendition of “Because He Lives”. I can close my eyes and listen to him play and it is as if the portals of glory open and his music roles out. In the days and times in which we live I know temptations are strong but keep on with your music. You not only play the piano with such grace, through ur fingers you give it a voice. Something few pianist have the ability to do. Keep up the good work till God calls us home.



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