Bryan Hayes is an award-winning, Americana songwriter from Memphis, TN. His debut album Just A Man (2004) garnished him a loyal following in the Mid-South, as well as two “Best Of” Memphis Songwriter Awards. His second album Long Hard Road (2006) took Bryan and The Retrievers (his band) to the regional level, with radio play over the Southeast. Bryan’s new EP, Tangle Me Up In You (release date April 29.2013), promises to grow Bryan’s audience even farther.

Bryan has also contributed songs to several compilation ablums. The Memphis Songwriters Association Members Only album (2010), included Bryan’s Military tribute “Soldier’s Prayer. In addition, Bryan contributed two songs “Woman (You’re Amazing To Me)”and “Small Town Amazing Grace” to the Retriever Records compilation album, B-Sides, Demos & Lies (2012). Most recently, Bryan was part of the Retriever Records‘ live album, Live At Farmhouse Studio: Retriever Records. The live CD contains “Long Hard Road” (title track from the 2006 release) and“Texas In A Bottle” (from the up-coming EP).

In addition to writing and performing, Bryan is a producer and engineer at Farmhouse Recording Studio ( near Memphis, TN.


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