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Costumes in CHRISTMAS RIDE Movie

Costumes in Christmas Ride

Costumes in Christmas Ride movie.

In the spirit of October as Halloween approaches, here’s a photo of Make Up and Costumes in CHRISTMAS RIDE, the engaging, redemptive “road trip to remember” feature film.   From upper left clockwise, H T Altman, Harvey Walden, Don Brooks, Shelley Van de Voort, the Commandos Kevin Thornton, and Jeremy Yarbrough, Kelsey Chamness, Terry Byrd, and Jeff Ward (center).

Rob Hobson Voices Supernatural in CHRISTMAS RIDE

Congrats to radioman Rob Grayson, the Supernatural Voice in the PG rated CHRISTMAS RIDE movie.  He is the local anchor of WKNO’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered which won The Commercial Appeal‘s “Memphis Most” favorites recently.

Rob Hobson Radioman Voice in CHRISTMAS RIDE

Rob Hobson Radioman Voice in CHRISTMAS RIDE

Tammy King Plays Reporter in CHRISTMAS RIDE

Tammy King plays a TV reporter in a riveting scene from the feature ‪#‎film‬ CHRISTMAS RIDE. The movie is rated PG by MPAA.

Tammy King Plays Reporter in CHRISTMAS RIDE

Tammy King Plays Reporter in CHRISTMAS RIDE

Fresh New Website for CHRISTMAS RIDE on Wix

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Rating from MPAA/CARA

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) studied Christmas Ride and rated it PG, standing for Parental Guidance suggested.  More about this association may be found at .

The Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) explains the motion picture industry ratings at their website and   They maintain a searchable database and Twitter feed announcing the ratings of all films processed to help parents make wise viewing decisions about movies for their children.

Kati Walden as Nicole in CR

Kati Walden as Nicole in CHRISTMAS RIDE

In the ladder of ratings, PG is quite mild, only one step up from  G (for general audiences) in the scale.   After that the rungs of the ladder are PG-13, R, NC-17 indicating higher quantity of adult content less likely to be appropriate for teens or children.

Keri travels with children Josh and April and neighbor Kevin at Christmastime.

Keri travels with children Josh and April and neighbor Kevin in CHRISTMAS RIDE movie.

CHRISTMAS RIDE qualifies as Eligible for Academy Awards Best Picture.

Brittney Ham and H. T. Alman co-star in Christmas Ride.



Good News About CHRISTMAS RIDE Film

(Memphis, TN)   This new movie, CHRISTMAS RIDE,  is listed in The WRAP among the eligible films for the 2015 Academy Awards.  Here is the link:  

Christmas Ride also recently was awarded the Dove Seal of Family Approved for Ages 12+.  More about the movie at  and

CHRISTMAS RIDE qualifies as Eligible for Academy Awards Best Picture.

CHRISTMAS RIDE qualifies as Eligible for 87TH Academy Awards Best Picture.

This film was produced in Tennessee by Art Promotions in cooperation with Yarbrough Media Productions with a cast of 68, forty-five % female.

The CHRISTMAS RIDE movie log line is — After hearing a frightening supernatural warning, a woman takes an urgent road trip south during the Christmas holidays with her two kids and a mysterious neighbor haunted by ghosts from his past. She faces dangerous situations and ultimately she learns a heartbreaking truth which tests the limits of forgiveness.  

Meet the Cast of Christmas Ride: REAGAN BRITT MULLINS

Playing the role of April in “Christmas Ride,” rated PG is seven year old (six at the time of shooting) newcomer Reagan Britt Mullins. With only limited acting experience in school and church plays, Reagan took to the filming process quite easily.

This Bartlett Tennessee second grader prepared for each shoot and much to her parent’s pleasure kept up with her studies and didn’t miss a day of school.

When asked about her favorite part of the filming of Christmas Ride Reagan states “I had fun learning from Mr. Jeff (Yarbrough, Director of Photography) and Mr. H. T. (Altman, Principle Actor) and it was fun  having Russ (Russell Walden, Principle Actor) as a movie Brother”.

When asked about her favorite scene, Reagan said “I liked when Russ (Josh) and I snuck away in the Sheriff’s office and throwing leaves on Mr. H. T.  He was so silly”.

Reagan loves to play soccer and basketball and looks forward to starting third grade this fall. She is active in American Heritage Girls and earns badges like crazy.

Reagan has traveled the country with her parents and just returned from a trip to St Louis where she conquered her fears and made it to the top of the Arch.

Reagan looks forward to continuing her acting career and shooting more inspirational movies like Christmas Ride.

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April learns a prayer beside her mother .

April played by Regan Britt Mullins learns a prayer beside her on screen mother  Keri, (Brittney Ham).

New Free Christmas Ride Movie Trailer