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Here’s a fresh website for CHRISTMAS RIDE with new Behind the Scene Photos & Videos on it.  Cinemas, contact us to book this fun feature movie in a cinema near you now.



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Who is at the wheel in your life?

Who is at the wheel in your life?

And the Greatest of These is . . .

Photo of Brittney Ham, Shelley Van de Voort and Frank DesLauriers in a thought-provoking scene from the CHRISTMAS RIDE film.  GreatestofTheseis

Good News About CHRISTMAS RIDE Film

(Memphis, TN)   This new movie, CHRISTMAS RIDE,  is listed in The WRAP among the eligible films for the 2015 Academy Awards.  Here is the link:  

Christmas Ride also recently was awarded the Dove Seal of Family Approved for Ages 12+.  More about the movie at  and

CHRISTMAS RIDE qualifies as Eligible for Academy Awards Best Picture.

CHRISTMAS RIDE qualifies as Eligible for 87TH Academy Awards Best Picture.

This film was produced in Tennessee by Art Promotions in cooperation with Yarbrough Media Productions with a cast of 68, forty-five % female.

The CHRISTMAS RIDE movie log line is — After hearing a frightening supernatural warning, a woman takes an urgent road trip south during the Christmas holidays with her two kids and a mysterious neighbor haunted by ghosts from his past. She faces dangerous situations and ultimately she learns a heartbreaking truth which tests the limits of forgiveness.  

CHRISTMAS RIDE Opens Week Run in Beverly Hills Friday Sept 19

Christmas Ride is beginning its First Theatrical Run this Friday in Laemmle’s Music Hall 3 at 9036 Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills, California. Hope you will see the movie if you are in the area and let your Los Angeles friends know about it too!I think this family friendly movie will entertain you. The movie includes ghosts and angels, miracles and madness, tragedies and truths, and is set in the early nineties, before personal cell phones and the internet became ubiquitous.

It will be screening four times a day from September 19 – 25 at 1:20, 4:10, 7:00 and 9:45 PM.

It’s the story of an artist, by an artist, on an urgent road trip with her children and a mysterious neighbor.

I’m going to be at the Q & A’s for the 7PM shows 19 and 20th. Also, cast member Russell Walden plans to attend as well.
Click here for  ticket info There are special rates for groups of ten or more at the box office.  Also, teens ages 14 – 18 get tickets for $5.00 for CHRISTMAS RIDE only. 

More about it in this recent press release:

Christmas Ride is an Art Promotions LLC film produced in cooperation with Yarbrough Media Productions.
Karen Francis
Art Promotions, owner & artist


Producer, screenwriter: Christmas Ride
More info on


From Brandon: “I was adopted at age six, been raised in Covington, TN.   Currently working for Smith and Nephew and have my own place in Bartlett, TN by the Wolfchase Mall.   I love acting, meeting new people.   Very athletic and love my cars.

Jeff Yarbrough got me into helping him doing scenes with him and now I wish I was a Hollywood star.   In the movie Christmas ride I played one of the teen spirits.   I had a great time with the cast members.   It was really nice to just get out there and meet new people.   I wish the best to come for the movie.”

Brandon Ray Connell

Brandon Ray Connell

Meet Christmas Ride Cast: J D WHITE

Christmas Ride is my first Movie Role. I play James. He is a bad guy. I am a Small Role Actor/Stagehand in Community Theater. I have been involved in 55 Plays, 43 of them have been in the Historic Ruffin Theater in Covington, Tennessee. I am employed at Covington Care Center. I have also worked with many Christian Music Artists. I really enjoyed being part of Christmas Ride. It was like being in a big happy Family. I enjoyed cutting up with the fellow actors.  I grew up in Covington and now living in Atoka TN. I am a member of First Assembly of God in Brighton.

J D White plays James in Christmas Ride.

J D White plays James in Christmas Ride.


What is your acting background?
Christmas Ride is my first acting experience.

Where are you from?
I am from Covington, TN

What has been your biggest challenge in the production?
As I’m not a seasoned actor, I got a little nervous working with professional actors and crew members.

What are your personal career goals for your future?
I am currently going into my sophomore year in college and I’m planning on going to study film/video production at The University of Memphis. I am very thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to learn more about film-making while on the set of Christmas Ride.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Olan Rogers, Joshua Pursely, and Thomas Gore are three Memphis graduates who were in a sketch comedy group called “Balloonshop” on Youtube. They are currently working on separate film projects. Many other Youtubers and internet film companies are also big inspirations for me choosing a film career.

What have you learned from being in this film so far?
I have learned that acting requires a lot off repetition as directors film many shots in many angles in order to perfect a scene.

What is your favorite movie and why?
My favorite movie is Pokemon: The First Movie. I became a fan of the Pokemon franchise at a very young age and have grown with it. The first Pokemon movie, in my opinion, has the perfect mix of serious aspects and comedy. It carries a great message and has a great soundtrack too.

What location(s) did you enjoy filming in and what was unique about that place?
Well, its not everyday you get to go into the Sheriff’s office. We filmed in the Justice Center for two nights. It was fun hanging out in the courtroom and the Sheriff’s office. While we were there, Brandon and I texted some friends telling them we were in jail.

We also filmed on the side of the road with a police car at night and at a house in a local neighborhood. I’m pretty sure that we all had fun adventures in every filming location.

What stands out in your mind about some of the other actors in the film?
They were all great! It was interesting seeing how actors get into their characters.

What technical aspects of the filming were new to you?
I was fascinated by how important the lighting and sound are to the scenes.

What kind of work do you do when you aren’t filming?
I currently work part-time at McDonald’s.

How did you get involved with Christmas Ride?

Dustin Higdon

Dustin Higdon

I was actually working on a video project with Brandon Connell for one of my classes. Brandon got a call from Jeff Yarbrough asking if Brandon was interested for a role in Christmas Ride and if he knew anyone who would also be interested in a role . We both said yes.


Today’s interview is with Donald Drew Russom who plays the role of JOSH as an adult in CHRISTMAS RIDE.
What are your personal career goals for your future?
My personal career goals are to become a successful Screenwriter and Director. Graduate school is my short term, but for the long haul, I want to write something than be the one to bring it to life.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
I have many inspirations, but I would have say that my biggest inspiration would have to be Alfred Hitchcock. He is one of the few Directors that when I watch one of his films I find something new or different from any other film. He was willing to experiment, and in doing so his name has become part of film terminology.

What have you learned from being in this film so far?
I’ve gained some experience as an actor rather than a Director of a production.

What is your favorite movie and why?
I actually don’t have a favorite movie. I like all genres plus I try to expand my knowledge of films by watching as many diverse films as I can.

What is your acting background?
For the most part I have no acting background. I played a role in my 9th grade play and in a few projects, but those were because I didn’t have anyone else to play the role. Although I have been attending Forrest Pruett’s Indie Acting Studio for quite some time now, and it has really helped me get inside the mind of an actor.

Where are you from?
I live in the suburbs of Lakeland, TN.

How did you get involved with Christmas Ride?
Karen Francis sent me a message through Facebook asking if I could help out with the film.   So I didn’t want to miss an opportunity.

What has been your biggest challenge in the production?
The only big challenges were the time constraints that the actors and myself were under. We all had other places to be after the shoot.
Donald Drew Russom


The interview this week is with Cast member JEFF YARBROUGH, who plays the role of Richard and also handled many other responsibilities for the production of CHRISTMAS RIDE. 

  • What locations did you enjoy filming in and what was unique about that place?   I had several favorites…One was the Old Town Square Store….where Kevin Williamson (played by HT Altman) purchases a gift for his daughter.  It was such a gorgeous set. There is a picture on Facebook that shows how beautifully it was decorated for Christmas.  

Another favorite was Karl Collins’ City Service Station.  The favorite part there was the fight for the gun where Bad guy Jesse (played by Paul Byrd) and Kevin are both on the ground and they both see the gun, then look at each other, then scramble for the gun.  The camera was right on the ground and I thought it was an interesting scene.  I also loved the “TANK” and “AIRPLANE” scenes.

  • What technical aspects of the filming were new to you?   One was operating this camera.  Almost all of the footage was filmed on my Nikon D5100 DSLR with a kit lens that I literally pulled out of the box and started shooting.  Another challenge I faced was the myriad of night scenes that demanded a certain level of light…areas that I hadn’t previously explored.  You can always darken, but it’s much harder to brighten an already dark scene!
  • What kind of work do you do when you aren’t filming?  I own 2 transmission shops, one in Covington and one in Dyersburg…Certified Transmissions.  
  • What concerns do you face in your life that makes acting in films a challenge?   Well, I love my wife and family of 7 sweet children, and also am very busy on many fronts…I play music with several local groups, I am playing the lead role of a comedy called PINK SLIPS, a T J Cates Production, also the lead role in Gerry Glenn Jones’s feature called THE HAUNTING OF ESTATE ESTREMITA, a thriller/mystery set to shoot late spring.  I have also been selected to play a record producer in the new John Russell film PATSY, set to film early summer. 

My children and I also have a fledgling production company called Yarbrough Media Productions and, with 2 completed music videos under our belt, we have 3 more, for different artists slated for this spring.  Here are the links to our first 2 music videos:
Featuring Kyle Thurman,…Here is MY Devotion   and Yancy & Yancy…The Devil Is Whipping His Wife…

  • What stands out in your mind about some of the other actors in the film?  Everyone  involved, whether seasoned pros, or newbies, acted very professionally and were good at doing exactly what was asked of them.  It was a pleasure to work with veteran actor HT Altman, from Minneapolis.  He brought a wealth of information on how other productions have done certain things.  The rest were mainly “locals” and I am proud of how everyone pitched in and did a good job.

Jeff Yarbrough captivates in the role of RICHARD in CHRISTMAS RIDE.