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Photo of Brittney Ham, Shelley Van de Voort and Frank DesLauriers in a thought-provoking scene from the CHRISTMAS RIDE film.  GreatestofTheseis

Meet the Cast of Christmas Ride: REAGAN BRITT MULLINS

Playing the role of April in “Christmas Ride,” rated PG is seven year old (six at the time of shooting) newcomer Reagan Britt Mullins. With only limited acting experience in school and church plays, Reagan took to the filming process quite easily.

This Bartlett Tennessee second grader prepared for each shoot and much to her parent’s pleasure kept up with her studies and didn’t miss a day of school.

When asked about her favorite part of the filming of Christmas Ride Reagan states “I had fun learning from Mr. Jeff (Yarbrough, Director of Photography) and Mr. H. T. (Altman, Principle Actor) and it was fun  having Russ (Russell Walden, Principle Actor) as a movie Brother”.

When asked about her favorite scene, Reagan said “I liked when Russ (Josh) and I snuck away in the Sheriff’s office and throwing leaves on Mr. H. T.  He was so silly”.

Reagan loves to play soccer and basketball and looks forward to starting third grade this fall. She is active in American Heritage Girls and earns badges like crazy.

Reagan has traveled the country with her parents and just returned from a trip to St Louis where she conquered her fears and made it to the top of the Arch.

Reagan looks forward to continuing her acting career and shooting more inspirational movies like Christmas Ride.

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April learns a prayer beside her mother .

April played by Regan Britt Mullins learns a prayer beside her on screen mother  Keri, (Brittney Ham).

Meet Christmas Ride Cast: J D WHITE

Christmas Ride is my first Movie Role. I play James. He is a bad guy. I am a Small Role Actor/Stagehand in Community Theater. I have been involved in 55 Plays, 43 of them have been in the Historic Ruffin Theater in Covington, Tennessee. I am employed at Covington Care Center. I have also worked with many Christian Music Artists. I really enjoyed being part of Christmas Ride. It was like being in a big happy Family. I enjoyed cutting up with the fellow actors.  I grew up in Covington and now living in Atoka TN. I am a member of First Assembly of God in Brighton.

J D White plays James in Christmas Ride.

J D White plays James in Christmas Ride.

Meet Christmas Ride Cast: KELSEY CHAMNESS

My name is Kelsey Chamness and I am 16 years old. I became interested in acting at a young age, but I only began to pursue acting as a career choice a few years ago. I am from Hughes, Arkansas, a small town west of the Mississippi River. I began my career by attending John Casablanca’s Modeling and Acting Career Center in Memphis, Tennessee. After graduating from the center, I began attending acting classes and workshops. Big shout out to acting coach Forrest Pruett at Indie Acting!

   I modeled in the 2012 Revolutionary Runway in Memphis, Tn. displaying Art and Fashion, organized by Jad Davis. I portrayed Cyndi Lauper in Film Fashion at the 2012 FuelFilm Memphis Expo. My acting experiences include roles in independent films: Julie in the film Muscadine Wine, directed by Muck Sticky and produced by Smooth Journey Productions. I made my debut as a zombie in Whispers in the Dark, produced by Mason Studios. I make a brief appearance as a reporter in The Last Earth Girl went to Space to Find God, produced by Cellardoor Cinema, which is still in production, as well as the Red Enigma film Ghost Files: Blood Countess, written by Brittney Nichole Williams where I will portray Stephanie Brewer. I will be playing a waitress in the up-and-coming series Battered Wives, arranged by Robin Cooper the founder of the Exodus Foundation. Also, I am a participant in Christmas Traditions around the World in the feature film, Christmas Ride. All of these productions have or will take place in the greater Memphis area.

  In the feature film Christmas Ride, I explain the custom of the Swedish during Christmas, the tradition of Santa Lucia and how the community comes together to celebrate. This scene was my biggest challenge in the production. I had to wear candles on top of my head while I talked about the tradition. It was also a lot of fun and educational as well. I realized that being an actress involves more than just acting. It takes a lot of work! I did research on my character to ensure that I could make a good presentation.


  My personal career goal is to be a renowned actress in film and television. I also think that I would like to do voice-overs. Tom Kenny makes it look like so much fun. He is a big inspiration when it comes to voice-overs. He does so many different voices; I don’t know how he keeps all of them with the correct characters.

  Knowing is one of my favorite movies and I really enjoyed the new Three Stooges movie. I love to laugh and just be happy. I will see you at the movies!



My name is Frank Deslauriers and I play Paul Davenport in the upcoming film “Christmas Ride”.

Frank Deslauriers plays Paul Davenport in CHRISTMAS RIDE

Frank Deslauriers plays Paul Davenport in CHRISTMAS RIDE

My character seems to represent how life goes on and a new beginning for characters who have suffered tragedies in their life with dignity and reverence.  I learned from this film the power of forgiveness and  all things happen to us or a reason and that God puts challenges before us not as a punishment but as obstacles to be overcome and learn from.

This is my first film although I have acted in a number of plays at the Ruffin Theater in Covington, Tennessee including Romeo and Juliet, The Hobbit and the upcoming You Can’t Take it With You.  I was able to get the part of Paul Davenport in Christmas Ride by luck and circumstance.  My son and I went to be extras in the wedding scene and the next thing I know I was asked to play Paul.  Obviously I jumped at the chance and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was quite different from stage acting.  Film acting seems to require much more nuance in a role since there are more closeups and takes than stage acting.  One scene can takes hours to film which allows for obtaining the best shot.  On stage there are no directors saying “cut, let’s do it again”.  There are no “do overs” on stage.  My “day job” is as a trial attorney and I have found that acting and trial work are very similar.  To be successful both require credibility and belief in what you are doing.  It also doesn’t hurt to be a bit of a ham.
I have not been acting long but it has become a passion and I plan to continue doing it as long as I can be wheeled on stage or in front of a camera.  I consider Tom Hanks to be my favorite actor due to his versatility and everyman quality.  If I have a favorite film it would probably be Forrest Gump.  I also enjoyed Saving Private Ryan, probably because my life long hero, my father, was a career soldier who fought and was decorated for his service to his country.   Because of his military career I lived everywhere growing up including Germany for about half my childhood.  I have always felt that people who are always the new kid either become very shy or very outgoing as a way to fit in.  Obviously, I chose the outgoing path.   Acting is the perfect outlet for this.
Finally, I would like to thank Karen Francis for her guidance, patience and kindness during this production.
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Here is the interview response of Linda Willis Peckenpaugh who portrays a mourner in CHRISTMAS RIDE, a new film being produced in TN by Art Promotions with cooperation of Yarbrough Media Productions.

Linda Willis Peckinpaugh places flowers at a roadside memorial for victims of a car accident.

Linda Willis Peckenpaugh places flowers at a roadside memorial for victims of a car accident.

Linda tells us:
“My acting background is being in the community play Oklahoma, Hee Haw benefit shows and a music video, The Devil Whipping His Wife.

I grew up in Ripley, Tennessee. My mother left my father and me when I was a baby. My father couldn’t take care of me on his own so he left me with his sister. She and her husband adopted me and gave me a good Christian life. I lived in Ripley until my husband died then I sold my home and moved in with my daughter in Collierville, Tennessee. My son lives in Germantown so they wanted me to live closer to them. I met a guy who promotes southern gospel music while singing with my gospel trio and later married and we live in Dyersburg Tennessee.

My involvement in Christmas Ride happened when I met Jeff Yarbrough through my friends that needed him to film their music video that I was in. I saw this opportunity on his facebook page and wanted to be involved in this Christian film.

My biggest challenge has been time and waiting on scenes to be filmed, but the wait is worth it to get a good film right.

My future personal goals, since I’m retired, are to continue singing for the Lord and being involved in Christian service.

My biggest inspiration is Jesus! As I look back on my life, I see how He has taught me wisdom and strength to overcome life’s challenges. He has given me a gift of music to use for His glory. I’ve learned when I trust and wait on His timing He provides for my good and His glory.

I’ve learned from being in this film that I’m thankful there are Christian people that want to make films that get God’s word out for the public to see and be inspired.

My favorite movie Sargeant York. I remember seeing this with my dad when I was a child. I like this true story of a poor unsaved Tennessee man turning his life around for the Lord and becoming a hero. My favorite part was when he and his dog went to the top of a mountain. He took his Bible and was reading scripture regarding, ”Rendering to Ceasar what is Ceasars’ and to God what is Gods’.”

What I want for my birthday is just to enjoy being with my family and friends. At my age material things don’t matter anymore. Time is too short to want for material things that do not fulfill.

I want to thank Karen for writing this Christian based film. We need more Christian movies.”

Linda Willis Peckenpaugh

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More photos from Filming CHRISTMAS RIDE

More photos from Filming CHRISTMAS RIDE

Katie Walden portrays Nicole in Christmas Ride.