Rating from MPAA/CARA

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) studied Christmas Ride and rated it PG, standing for Parental Guidance suggested.  More about this association may be found at .

The Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) explains the motion picture industry ratings at their website and   They maintain a searchable database and Twitter feed announcing the ratings of all films processed to help parents make wise viewing decisions about movies for their children.

Kati Walden as Nicole in CR

Kati Walden as Nicole in CHRISTMAS RIDE

In the ladder of ratings, PG is quite mild, only one step up from  G (for general audiences) in the scale.   After that the rungs of the ladder are PG-13, R, NC-17 indicating higher quantity of adult content less likely to be appropriate for teens or children.

Keri travels with children Josh and April and neighbor Kevin at Christmastime.

Keri travels with children Josh and April and neighbor Kevin in CHRISTMAS RIDE movie.

CHRISTMAS RIDE qualifies as Eligible for Academy Awards Best Picture.

Brittney Ham and H. T. Alman co-star in Christmas Ride.





From Brandon: “I was adopted at age six, been raised in Covington, TN.   Currently working for Smith and Nephew and have my own place in Bartlett, TN by the Wolfchase Mall.   I love acting, meeting new people.   Very athletic and love my cars.

Jeff Yarbrough got me into helping him doing scenes with him and now I wish I was a Hollywood star.   In the movie Christmas ride I played one of the teen spirits.   I had a great time with the cast members.   It was really nice to just get out there and meet new people.   I wish the best to come for the movie.”

Brandon Ray Connell

Brandon Ray Connell

Meet the Musicians of CHRISTMAS RIDE: BOBBY O’NEAL



He volunteered and played at the very first Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California, while he was a

student at Gavilan Community College in Gilroy. Since then Bobby has played in venues of just

about every size from living rooms in California, Washington and Tennessee and churches

across the country to open mics and Farmers Markets in Memphis to clubs along Music Row in

Nashville, the River Arts Festival in Memphis. He was honored to sing for the Chief’s Council for

the Mississippi Choctaw Nation in 2012.

Today, Bobby writes songs that either reflect spiritual values or chronicle events in history

(Americana) that should be remembered.

Check out samples of his music at:

For booking information:

Bobby O’Neal

335 Emily Rd.

Oakland, TN 38060

(360) 632-5591