CHRISTMAS RIDE (PG), A Road Trip to Remember! This movie Trailer now has Captions.

First, pause the video.  Make sure the CC is highlighted or Bold on the lower right edge of the video window, or click the CC to turn it on.

Then click on the Settings Wheel to the right of the Subtitles/CC:  and click on English, French, Spanish or choose Auto-TRANSLATE and select from 168 languages on the drop down menu.

The English subtitle captions shown at bottom of video will then immediately translate to the language of your choice, when you play the video as the narration begins.

You may need to open up the video window to see these amazing translations provided via the YouTube platform. [Be sure your Annotations selection is set to ON.]  I am seeing it work correctly using Chrome browser today. You can even adjust the size of the captions you are viewing.

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Dramatic Trailer for CHRISTMAS RIDE Movie 2015

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Vote for CHRISTMAS RIDE in the IMTF.

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New Free Christmas Ride Movie Trailer